Honda Civic/Acura Integra

since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

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+ Honda Civic and Acura Integra brand Cars
+ Maintenance instruction
+ Routine maintenance
+ Engine
+ cooling and heating Systems
+ Power supply system and release
- Engine electric equipment
   Engine start from the auxiliary power supply
   Check of a condition and battery replacement
   Check of a condition and replacement of wires of the battery
   Ignition system - the general information
   Check of functioning of system of ignition
   Check of a condition and replacement of the coil of ignition
   Check of serviceability of functioning and replacement of the module of management with ignition (ICM)
   Removal and installation of the distributor of ignition
   Check of installation and adjustment of a corner of an advancing of ignition
   Charge system - the general information and precautionary measures
   Check of a condition of system of a charge
   Removal and generator installation
   Replacement of a regulator of tension and generator brushes
   Start system - the general information and precautionary measures
   Check of serviceability of functioning of a starter on the car (in situ)
   Removal and starter installation
   Removal and installation of the traction relay
+ Control systems of the engine
+ gear shifting Box
+ clutch and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment


Replacement of a regulator of tension and generator brushes

On all Civic models and some Integra models of 1998 вып. generators of production of the Mitsubishi company are used. Replacement of brushes and a tension regulator here demand complete dismantling of the generator and should be charged to specialists of car-care center.

Replacement of brushes and tension regulator on Nippondenso generators can be made by own strengths of the amateur mechanic, however it is not necessary to undertake attempts of independent performance of complete regenerative repair of the generator. It will be simpler to replace assembly.


1. Remove the generator from the car (see. Removal and generator installation) also transfer it on a workbench.

2. Give three fixing nuts and remove a back cover of the generator (see an accompanying illustration).

3. Give two screws of fastening of a shchetkoderzhatel (see an accompanying illustration).

4. Remove a shchetkoderzhatel from a back end face of the generator.

5. Measure length of a vystupaniye of each of brushes from the holder (see an accompanying illustration) and compare results of measurements to requirements of Specifications. If size of a vystupaniye of brushes less bottom border of an admissible range, make their replacement.

6. Check freedom of a course of brushes in cartridges of the holder.

7. For replacement of a regulator of tension it is necessary to remove assembly of a shchetkoderzhatel previously. Then give fixing screws (see an accompanying illustration) and remove a regulator from the generator.

8. Installation is made upside-down. At installation to the place of a shchetkoderzhatel wring out brushes for a shaft transmission a small screw-driver.